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    Ella Germaine

    Ella Germaine

    Ella Germaine is a senior at Lakewood High School and she is this week’s featured athlete. Ella is a rower and competes and practices year round.

    Q. When did you start rowing?

    A. I started rowing when I was in the seventh grade.

    Q. What club do you row with?

    A. I row with the Cleveland Foundry Juniors, which is a club located down in the flats.

    Q. Do you plan on rowing in college?

    A. Yes, next year I plan on rowing at Duquesne University which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Q. What is your favorite part about rowing?

    A. My favorite part about rowing is the teamwork aspect. I really enjoy working with other people to achieve a common goal and hanging out with my teammates at practice every day.

    Q. What are some of your biggest accomplishments from rowing over the years?

    A. Some of my biggest accomplishments that I have achieved from rowing are signing to row with Duquesne University, and being selected to compete at CRASH B’s indoor regatta.

    Q. Have you gone to any significant tournaments or regattas?

    A. Yes, I have competed at the Columbus Fall Classic, the Midwest Championship Regatta, and the Cincinnati Invitational.

    Q. Why did you start rowing?

    A. My best friend at the time rowed and convinced me to try it.

    Good luck to Ella in her rowing and school endeavors for the rest of her senior year, and as a Lakewood community, we wish her well for her next four years rowing at Duquesne University.

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