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    2018 Masters

    2018 Masters

    In 2018 the Masters Tournament were in Augusta, Georgia and started April 5 and ended April 8. The Masters were also being held at Augusta National Golf Club.

    The Masters has been played a total of 82 times, 2018 being there 82nd time. There is a total of 87 players in the whole Masters Tournament and a total of 53 players after the cuts.

    Patrick Reed was the winner of this years Masters Tournament and Rickie Fowler was the runner-up.

    Patrick Reed has been in 17 other major championships at this point in his life. This is his second time achieving in the Top 10 in a major championship.

    Out of the Top 10 players in this years Masters Tournaments there were six United States players, two Australian players, one Spain player, one England player, and one Sweden player.

    For the six United States players to end in the Top 10, including the winner Patrick Reed, is so crazy.

    When winning the Masters you won’t only get a cool green jacket, but you will also have a pretty rewarding prize that enters in your bank account.

    The winner can take home up to $1.98 million! Coming home in second place shouldn’t be something to be so worried about because you come home with a whopping $1.18 million. Even coming in 50th place you still get rewarded $27,720.

    Not everyone is lucky enough to get a chance to enter the Masters Tournament, and to make first place like Patrick Reed did, was an amazing accomplishment in Reed’s golfing career.

    Patrick Reed and his spouse Justine Karain are going to be living a happy life and especially if Patrick continues to win in more and more major championships.



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