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    Murder and Rape inflames religious tension in Northern India


    Eight-year-old Muslim girl was brutally gang raped and murdered in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The muslim culture believes that this happened because of her religion and people can not stay quiet about this tragic occurrence.

    The eight year old, whose identity in protected by the Indian law, was found in a forest in Himalayan district of Kathua in late January after an extended police search.

    Police said the young girl, who belonged to  Muslim nomadic community known as that Bakarwals, was taken while grain horses in a meadow.

    After being taken they believe she was taken to some temple where she was drugged and held captive for about 5 days.

    While being held she was suspected to be rapped by multiple different, before being killed and taken to a nearby forest.

    Police have arrested eight men in connection with the death of the girl, including retired government officials and three police officers.

    The tension was real about one week ago holding violent protests outside of the local courthouse.

    “We want a CBI investigation. The investigation is not based on correct facts. The victim and the accused are being tied to religion,” said B.S. Slathia.

    This took place in a small town which was dominated by muslims.

    The police said, they have great evidence against the accused that they plotted the girls abduction to scare the muslim religions.

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