Tristan Thompson Affair

Tristan Thompson Affair

Ryan O'Toole

The Cleveland Cavs have gotten people talking about them yet again. Rather than debating how well they will do in they lay offs or things of that nature, they are talking about Forward, Tristan Thompson’s recent affair with an appalling five women. His girlfriend (at the time) Khole Kardashian just recently had given birth to the couples’ baby girl. Thompson was reported to be at the birth.

This is not Thompson’s first affair though. He had a prior scandal back in the year 2016 when the Cleveland Cavilers won their championship and ended the 52-year championship drought Cleveland had suffered.

Khole was reportedly, “heartbroken” prior to the birth, however  it has been reported that she is in love with her child and past the allegations all together. This would not be her first run in with adversity as she went through troubling times with former NBA star, Lamar Odom.

The reports have started to get contradictory from one news station to the other. There are reports our that claim he has been cheating with three women whereas others report 5. It has also been reported that one of the mistresses has come out as pregnant. She not directly say Tristan was the father, but she let people draw conclusions for themselves and public opinion declares Tristan the father.

Cleveland fans have not taken the affair well. When the Cavs took on The New York Knicks on Wednesday night at home, he received an abundance of boos and jeers from the crowd who do not approve of his actions. The team however realizes the importance of not being divided and has not seem to make him an outcast as they treat business as usual.

The Cavs will take on the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the playoffs.