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    Who is going to win MVP this Year?


    The race for MVP this year is going to be a tight one. I believe there are three potential runners for the MVP race this year.

    Last year it was between James Harden and Russell Westbrook. They both showed crazy talent during the regular season and finals. In the end Russel won it all and he deserved it too. He was the first player to average a triple double in years. Doing that in our era of basketball is something else.

    This year James Harden is way ahead in the race. It’s as if he came into the regular season this year ready to dominate the league. From off the bat, James continues to put on a show game after game. He is leading the NBA in points. Eyes have been on James Harden from The beginning .Other than Michael Jordan, James is the only player in the NBA to average over 30 points and have a shooting percentage over 60%. Harden ranks fourth in field goal percentages. The Rockets have a record of 65-17 so far. James could definitely win the race for MVP this year.

    There’s one other opponent that James Harden has. That would be none other than LeBron James. Its been a while since LeBron has won MVP. But every year he’s still in the race. James name is consistently in the media. Even when the Cavs are at their worst, that man never cease to fail. He’s been the top of the league for years now and nothing is changing anytime soon. Other than points, LeBron leads Harden in every other statistic.

    LeBron being MVP hasn’t been talked about much because the Cavs as a team haven’t been doing that as a team. Even though the Cavs don’t have a better record than The Rockets, the award is ” Most Valuable Player.” That’s exactly what LeBron is, and has been since he entered the league.

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