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    The Pit Bull Ban Is Over


    Over the past year, one may have seen yard signs with the phrase “I’m with Charlie,” printed across them. This phrase has become the backbone of the movement to end the ban on owning a pit bull in Lakewood.

    After 10 years, Lakewood City Council members have decided to change the law that automatically considers all pit bulls vicious. The previous law banned all dog that were more than fifty-one percent pit bull. The new law considers all dogs to be non-dangerous until they have behaved aggressively.

    Under the new law, if a dog does something dangerous, their owners will be held accountable and if they want to keep their dog, they will have to follow a few steps to ensure the safety of their dog and the community.

    Some of the precautions that have to be taken if your dog is considered dangerous are:

    • Securing the dog in a fenced in yard with a minimum six-foot fence.
    • While walking the dog, keep the dog in a muzzle.
    • Spay and neuter the dog.
    • Post signs around your yard, warning others of your dangerous dog.

    These are only a few of the precautions necessary and while these steps may seem like a burden, they are a step up from not being able to own a pit bull at all. From now until further notice, pit bulls will be treated like any other dog and will not be banned based on a stereotype.

    This new law also covers animal cruelty guidelines. This includes limiting the time a dog can be tethered outside to six hours and never during extreme weather conditions. Also, proper shelters for dogs must be completely enclosed, dry, and insulated from the elements.

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