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    Carrie Underwood’s Return


    Carrie Underwood had fallen in November leaving her with a broken wrist and a facial injury.

    She gave her first public performance since the accident at the AMC Awards. She posted on her website in January explaining her in jury. She had fallen on her porch in Nashville leaving  her with nearly 50 stitches on her face.

    “When I am ready to get in front of the camera. I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different,” Carrie said at the time.

    Many people  said that you wouldn’t have even been able to tell she had a facial injury after the selfie she posts last night. Meaning she has either recovered really well or “faked” her injury.

    Carrie delivered a powerful performance of “Cry Pretty,” the first single in her upcoming album which she didn’t release a date for yet. Her performance was a hit everyone loved it!

    She wore sparkles under both eyes symbolizing ‘tears’ as she doe sin the video for her single. The crowd rose to their feet while listening to this song  and it lasted for a few minutes.

    Underwood told the audience that her wrist is 90% healed and the other 10% will take time.  Her face is also healing really well.

    “I definitely feel  more like myself more than I have in while,” Carrie posted her website.



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