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    Weather Forces Six Sunday MLB Games to be Postponed


    The Los Angeles Angels’ vs the Kansas City Royals was the 6th game postponed on Sunday due to weather. The Japanese wonder Shohei Ohtani was set to start.

    “Just the simple fact I was going to be pitching in cold weather, that was a little worrisome for me,” Ohtani says. When your muscles get cold they tighten up. This tends to cause injuries such as muscle pulls.

    The Angels’ have Monday off and will return Tuesday with Ohtani pitching against The Boston Red Soxs.

    The Angels’ game was the 6th game to get postponed. Six games haven’t been postponed since September 12, 2008. Today’s game of The Baltimore Orioles against The Boston Red Soxs was announced to be postponed yesterday, Sunday. This is the first time since 1984 that a Red Soxs Patriots’ Day game has been postponed.

    A doubleheader in New York between The Yankees and Tigers, a game in Cleveland between The Indians and Blue Jays, and a game in Chicago between The Cubs and Braves were all postponed on Sunday.

    The Yankee-Tiger game was postponed due to the amount of rainfall on Saturday. The Blue Jays-Indians game has been rescheduled as a doubleheader and was postponed for the same reason. The White Soxs and Twins also had a game postponed due to heavy snow fall in The Twins’ city.

    The game between the Cardinals and Reds was delayed two and a half hours on Sunday. The Tigers doubleheader will be June 4th, the first at 1:10 and the second at 7:10. The Blue Jay-Indian doubleheader will be on May 14th.

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