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    Dairy Queen Review


    This month is an exciting month at Dairy Queen. They added five new blizzards to the long list of blizzard classics they already have. The new Twix blizzard is here to stay adding to the fan favorites. There are four more summer blizzards only here for a limited time. Summer Berry Cheesecake, the infamous Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, and the delicious S’mores.

    S’mores is my personal favorite. The graham base that is added is my favorite thing at Dairy Queen and adding the marshmallow sauce with it is to die for. The chocolate pieces add a chewy texture which everyone loves. The Cotton Candy blizzard is back and on high demand. All of the kids love it. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough is good for the chocolate lovers it’s a perfect savory dessert.

    Summer is coming up fast meaning Dairy Queen sales will rise. Summer calls for customers craving the original cool down snack. The way less popular food items at Dairy Queen are the hot foods. You can get hot dogs, chicken snack wraps, pulled pork sandwiches, and even whole chicken breast sandwiches. They aren’t popular for a reason. They can be good but try not to order them. You are at an ice cream shop not a whole fast food place so try to stick with ice cream.

    Dairy Queen also has delicious smoothies and Orange Julius’s of all different flavors.They even sometimes have smoothies of the month. The most recent one is the strawberry watermelon smoothies and Orange Julius’s  which are really good.

    Though Dairy Queen has a lot to offer some things are better not eaten from there. Overall Dairy Queen is a place to go for some ice cream treats this summer so make sure you stop by!





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