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    Teenager shot at for asking directions


    A black 14 year-old boy was lost and asked for directions, but while doing so he was shot at by 53 year-old white man, Jeffery Zeigler. On April 12, Brennan Walker was almost killed just because he missed his bus that day.

    Brennan woke up late that day and rushed to catch his bus, but he didn’t make it in time. He did not want to miss school, so he tried to follow the bus route by walking, but he did not have his phone on him so he got lost.

    After getting lost, Brennan wanted to ask for directions. He looked around for a while, and spotted a house with a neighborhood watch sticker on it and thought it would be a safe and trustworthy place to go and ask. He went up to the house and started knocking. The wife of the shooter opened the door and started yelling at the boy and asked him a very absurd question.

    She asked him why he was trying to rob this house and why he chose this house, suggesting she thought he was trying to rob her. He tried to explain to her that he just wanted directions. Her husband ran downstairs with his shotgun and started to shoot at him but he missed. Brennan immediately ran when he heard the shots and he then hid by a bush, sat down and started to cry. The authorities showed up later to arrest 53 year-old Jeffery Zeigler, and he is being charged with attempted murder.

    Brennan and his mother later watched the tape from the security camera  and found out the only reason why the man missed was because his safety was on.

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