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    Inner Bliss Crash


    Early Sunday morning, a Cleveland woman’s car crashed into Inner Bliss yoga studio in Downtown Cleveland. The police had to use the jaws of life to free the woman from her car at 6:30 am roughly, and she is now in critical condition. It is unknown the exact cause of the crash. We are all praying for the woman hurt in the crash, but our focus is on something different: when the classes will start back up.

    A friend and I attend classes every Thursday and assumed classes would be cancelled all week, but that is not the case. Inner Bliss yoga opens back up Thursday night, and they show no signs of slowing down. The most important lesson to take from all of this is that persistence and good energy is superior to all exterior issues. This life is so trivial. One moment you’re doing downward dog, the next you’re lying lifeless on your mat. Every single moment is memorable and meaningful, and this crash and pain of this woman will transform our practice.

    No updates are available at this time, so we can assume the woman hurt in the crash is still in intensive care. We will keep her in our prayers and in our poses. Namaste.

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