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    Playing Too Much Baseball


    The Major League Baseball season consists of 162 regular season games each year. These games being played over a six month period, plus post season.

    Anthony Rizzo first baseman for the Chicago Cubs said ” We play too much baseball,” via ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “Yes, guys are going to take a pay cuts. But are we playing for the money or do we love this game? I know it’s both, but in the long run it will make everything better.” He also said that he would be willing to pay cut for fewer games. It’s a job sometimes you cannot choose when and when you don wanna work.

    The MLB already had to postpone 24 games this season due to the horrible weather. Having to make these up during the season on their supposed to be “days off” are making some players upset.

    In 2016, when people were talking about reducing the MLB schedule, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told reporters if players were to “work less usually you get paid less.”

    Some players don’t agree and wouldn’t be for giving up money to play fewer games during get regular season. Rizzo saying “it would be little dicey,” when it comes to asking players to  play for less money.

    Maybe just letting these make up games go will make some players happy having more days off but that’s a big chunk of games to have missed for all that money.

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