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    MAP and the Science of a Pedophile’s Ability to Resist

    MAP and the Science of a Pedophiles Ability to Resist

    MAPs. What are they?



    The term is coined by Internet forums and is an acronym of Minor Attracted Person. classifies (as what is the criteria to be a research subject) to be a legal adult that is attracted to those seventeen and younger who has never sexually violated a minor or viewed child pornography (and never intends to).


    Another coined term for non-offenders is “Virtuous Pedophiles.” The organization going by the same name (with the Internet handle of coined the term. They are a place for non-offending pedophiles to go in search for support and promote outreach for help all within an environment that advocates for being law-abiding. They are seen to differ from other organizations that are pedophile support groups—they don’t want to enable behavior against children.


    There are support groups and advocacy that call for law reform that would lower the age of consent to make it non-criminal. Such groups are the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBA) that see that there can be “consenting” and “non-damaging” relationships between adults and children. This group, however, has been speculated to be inactive as there has not been any report of new chapters since the 90’s and early 00’s.


    A doctor who researches these attractions, Doctor James Cantor of the University of Toronto, has studied various atypical sexualities and some of his first papers were on pedophilia. One being a paper he co-authored with

    Doctor Ray Blanchard, a psychologist that has been on the DSM-V committee who has also studied and attempted to distinguish pedophiles from child molesters in psychology and society. The paper pertained to that subject, criticizing the way the DSM (a book used to diagnose mental disorders) simply defined pedophilia when they saw to have multiple types and a more complex diagnosis than “an adult attracted to an immature.”


    Dr. Cantor has appeared on various news outlets such as CNN and was a consulted expert in I, Pedophile, a CBS documentary studying these non-offending pedophiles and their “different types of attractions.” Canto says on the subject, “We can’t seem to be able to change [pedophilia]. The only logical thing left to us is to help these people lead as productive and healthy a life as possible.”


    Cantor has cited that Virtuous Pedophiles can be a way to help end child molestation along with treating the issue like a mental health disorder (as so many experts argue it is as it is paraphilia (a disorder in which one has a sexual attraction/fetish that would be harmful to other members or society or themselves)). That treatment could be done using something such as Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (a treatment used by therapists to help people cope with and counteract cognitions).


    Is this the way for us to curtail acts again



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