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    Earth day Events


    The arrival of spring may not have been what we have expected with the consistently cold and snowy weather. This weather should not keep us from the lovely anniversary of earth day, on April 22.

    The representation of environmental protection is very beneficial for us as people and our environment which we live in. earth day has been very important since 1970.

    Lakewood resident Robert Mcmahon also known as “the plant doctor” will be featured at the UUC’s annual celebration and he will present a speech about planting and gardening in the northeast Ohio at 11 a.m. April 22 at the church, 5050 porter road north Olmsted Ohio

    This celebration is a great opportunity to get closer with the community and the environment and your allowed to bring a plant, “The plant doctor” who will examine it and give you tips on helping it grow healthy, which would be very beneficial for nature.

    Volunteering opportunities are rising as this day approaches. On april 28, he KLB (keep loudoun beautiful) event will take place in Lakewood park,  Belle and lake avenues.

    In addition to that, On April 21, volunteers are needed for the annual “kick in it with cops” for the first five districts, Cleveland’s west park and Detroit shoreway neighborhoods. April 21, Lakewood historical society will have its annual tabletops and trifles sale from 10a.m. to 3p.m.

    These events are very beneficial for our community. It brings kids together to help keep the world a better place and it helps show other people the benefit of keeping the world a nature friendly place.





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