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    Animal Abuse


    Animals are bought to be part of the family, to be loved forever and always. They only want to love and be loved, they don’t mean to make a mess or pee everywhere.

    The one thing not to do is hurt them, just because they made you mad.  Animal’s don’t always know right from wrong. All you have to do is teach them. Teach them not to get into the trash bin or potty train them.

    Animals are abused every day in different ways, neglect, abandonment, and or physical abuse.  All are terrible, unimaginable acts on  poor defenseless animals. I can’t fathom how someone could hurt animals, yet alone hurt their own. Abuse if never the answer, if you wouldn’t hurt a child, why raise a head to your animal.

    Dogs are the most abused  animals raging at 70.1%  out of the 1,423 cruelty cases in 2011. The animal that is known to be mans best friend. Dogs have been around centuries, serving many purposes to man kind. Now they are used for dog fights or left behind in old homes.

    Animal abuse doesn’t just go for house pets. Farm animals are constantly being abused. The way they are housed and feed. Animal welfare is not a concern to these farmer, they only care about profit. Farmers aren’t properly maintaining their breeding grounds, which leads to diseases that go to the food then to your stomach.

    Animal abuse is a problem and needs to be talked about. 149,604 cases of animal abuse was investigated in 2016. When will the abused end.

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