The Process of Getting Ready for Prom

The Process of Getting Ready for Prom

Caitlin Cimino

Getting ready for prom has become an over complicated and expensive process, but who has it worse boys or girls?

Both share responsibility for ordering the corsage or boutonniere. Both have to decide on where and when to take pictures. A compromise must be made on how to get to prom–do you drive, pay for a limo, or take the shuttle bus?

Without a doubt the planning that goes into prom is time-consuming work but girls definitely have more to consider when getting ready, as the boys simply rent or buy their tuxedo and match their tie with the girl’s dress.

A girl’s number one priority is to find a dress. This search involves trips to dozens of stores, months in advance, all to find a dress which will be worn for one night only.

The next step in the process if finding shoes to go with the dress. This task may seem simple, but it can become very expensive. Once shoes are picked out girls must decide if their dress is still too long and whether or not it needs alterations.

Alterations for a dress take anywhere from a few days to a week depending on how extensive the changes are. This is why it is so important for girls to plan ahead and get their dress as early as possible.

Next, girls must pick a hair style that compliments their dress. After finally deciding on what to do, you have to make an appointment, which won’t be easy considering the fact that hundreds of girls need to get their hair done for their prom on the same day.

Then, girls have to decide on the color of their nails. They either have to go out and buy nail polish or spend money getting them done.  They also have to decide on silver or gold jewelry and find the right look to match both their hair and their dress.

Without a doubt, girls have a much larger and more expensive to-do list when it comes to getting ready for prom.