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    End of Year Exams


    With the end of the school year approaching, so are the end of course exams, or as Lakewood students know them finals. The seniors have four weeks until finals week. I hope that the seniors can hang their and finish off strong. Trust me I know it can be hard.

    As for the underclassmen they have five weeks until they take their finals. The schedule for finals is the same every year.

    Friday May 25 is the exact start date for underclassmen finals they start out the like normal, going to first through seventh period. Underclassmen should then report to their ninth period class for their first exam, which will be taken during eighth and ninth periods.

    Tuesday May 29 marks the second day for final exams. The students will be taking their first, fourth, and seventh period exams. They will have an open lunch break after the first two tests and then have to report back to the high school for the last test of the day.

    Wednesday May 30 will be the third day of testing with students taking test for periods second, fifth, and eighth. The schedule would be the same for Wednesday as it is for Tuesday, with the students getting a lunch break after the first two tests.

    The fourth and final day for test is Thursday May 31. Thursday students will be taking two test. They will be taking test for third and sixth period.

    If students have to make up test they have the opportunity to do so Thursday afternoon at 1:15.

    Hang in there students we are so close to being done. Study hard and get good scores. Always remember to giddy up Rangers!

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