Mind Reading Headset

Mind Reading Headset

Nina Zanghi

Every time you read a book, a magazine, a passage, a sign, you are talking to yourself. You may not notice it, but your mouth is sounding out the syllables and the words incredibly fast. This silent speech is called subvocalization, and only a specially trained speed reader would not do this every time you think or read a word.

The importance of the subvocalization is that MIT researchers are trying to use it to translate it into digital commands. Our internal dialogue would be decoded by a headset called AlterEgo. According to MIT, the headset would be able to use our thoughts to send silent commands to the headband. The goal of this type of headband was to connect humans and machines in a way unlike ever before.

The first time that the headband made its debut was in a promotional video where a student went about his daily routine while wearing the headset. He was able to check the time, navigate through the TV channels, play a game and tally up the prices in a supermarket.

This headband works by first thinking of the thing that you want to know. For instance, if you want to know the time, you would first think of the word time. While you think of this word, you automatically move your mouth and face to silently say the word. The headband records these movements, and processes what you are saying, and responds with the time. This is an innovative solution to prevent the disruptive nature of our modern devices.