School Safety Conversations

School Safety Conversations

Jasmine Wilson

School safety is very important for our community and society. Recent events have mad the safety of our student staff the top priority in school systems. We should always be involved in anything that involves student safety.

Lakewood had an event that had 100 people or more who attend the “What’s Our Plan: A community conversation about school safety” where they discussed the important precaution of school safety.

This event came from the minds of Lakewood School District and Lakewood Alive. The important people who attended this event on April 12th, was the Lakewood police department investigator, superintendent, pediatric psychiatrist for the Lakewood high school Cleveland clinic medical clinic.

This event was a huge eye opener to students, parents, and people in the Lakewood community the idea of enforcing the school safety and being more cautious of the lives of the students in the community is very important.

Somethings that were discussed at the event were with the police department and sending live stream feeds from cameras straight to the police department. It would be extremely important for both the school and the police department to receive immediate footage of what is happening at the school.

In case that any accident happens and for some reason the school is not able to inform the authorities, the police department can be informed regardless of calls and if there are any investigations happening regarding students or even student safety the police is always informed and has the footage the their finger tips.

Safety is always important and should always be reviewed for all the people in the city. Lakewood is always caring for the citizens and finding innovative ways to improve our safety.