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    ‘QLaser’ Infomercial Doc Sentenced 12 Years in Prison

    QLaser Infomercial Doc Sentenced 12 Years in Prison

    Robert Lytle, Irina Kossovkaia, and Ronald Weir Jr. were all sentenced to time in prison for fraud. They were all involved in a multi-million-dollar fraud case that primarily preyed on the elderly.

    Lytle, 83, will serve 12 year behind bars, while Weir, 38, will serve 24 months and Kossovkaia, 63, will serve 15 months.

    The prosecutor claimed Lytle targeted a vulnerable population using fraud claims about the power of his “heal all laser”.

    The device profited him over 16 million dollars. The doctors claimed the device could effectively and safely heal more than 200 medical conditions including: cancer, emphysema, diabetes, autism, HIV, heart disease, etc.

    The prosecutor said that Lytle failed to mention his dentistry revoked for engaging in fraud activity. Lytle created false advertising to help his claims. The product as flagged by the FDA in 2002. He was also ordered by a federal court to stop selling them in 20015. According to a Department of Justice press release he smuggled the devices out of South Dakota into New York and continued to profit off them.

    He sold the devices between 4000 and 13,000 dollars.

    A Family of a Mother who chose the QLaser to undergo cancer treatment was present at the sentence. “It cost me a lot of pain and when she died it was like it shattered my world,” Said Danielle Rutherford.

    Infomercials on the QLaser could still be found on YouTube. The video includes purported patience alleged testimony. Lytle’s credentials are listed as D.D.S and Ph.D.

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