Kent State Professor Charged for Lying to FBI

Kent State Professor Charged for Lying to FBI

Emily Ruebsteck

Julio Pino, a 57-year-old Latin History professor at Kent State University was charged with fabricating a statement to law enforcement. He pleaded guilty, agreeing to ask the judge to sentence him to between 10 and 16 months in prison.

He was released on a $25,000 unsecured bond until his sentencing on August 23. Under precautions that he might flee the country, he was ordered to surrender his passport.

The investigation against Pino stems from social media posts and conversations he had with friend, identified as “J.E”, back in May 2015 to January 2016. “J.E”, who was later found out to be Jason Eyer, communicated with Pino during his child custody battle. During this time, he made multiple threats to the family court judge, claiming that he’d kill 100’s of people if they took his parental rights away.

On January 11, Eyer made a Facebook post stating, “I love Julio Pino, even if he does eventually do something that most consider horrible, I’ll still love him because I know him in a deeper way that most of you even could.”

After the threats made to the judge, the FBI got involved. Upon being involved, Pino was questioned in Miami about his posts on social media. Although there is clear evidence that Pino made comments to J.E’s posts, he denies even knowing him.

While he was being questioned about his relations to J.E, he also faced allegations against him that he might have ties to political organizations or terrorist groups. Although he denies these allegations, he has still made his anti-Israel views public.

Just in 2014, in an open letter to “academic friends of Israel”, he said that they are “directly responsible for the murder of over 1400 Palestinian children, women and elderly civilians.”

Although his sentencing is to be held in August, he is banned from all Kent Campuses.