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    Cavs in Game 5

    Cavs in Game 5

    Last night, Monday April 25, the Cleveland Cavaliers played against the Indiana Pacers.

    The game was home and the people were ready for a win. This game was held in round one game five and the Cleveland Cavaliers lead with (3-2).

    The first quarter score was 23-25 Pacers but the Cavaliers have only just started and they continued to play strong. The second quarter the Cavaliers were still down but by the third quarter the Cavaliers were out scoring the Pacers.

    From how the Cleveland Cavaliers played last night there is no showing them backing down any time soon, especially LeBron James.

    Once again LeBron James definitely was the star of last nights game.

    LeBron James has always been the star player of every team he has been on and he shows out on every game he plays and last night was a great moment.

    With a tied score of 95-95, and three seconds left in the whole game, LeBron James told his team mates to give him the ball and sure enough they did and LeBron took his shot and with a second left he throws the ball up and scores.

    Everyone in the crowd was amazed and every one of his team mates were happy to embrace him after the game winning shot.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers play game 6 against the Indiana Pacers on April 27 at 8:00 pm. The game will be held at the Pacers home court and the Cleveland Cavaliers will not back down and they will put up a good fight.

    The Pacers are down with a lead of (2-3) and they will fight with no mercury against the Cavaliers in game 6.

    Everyone should be ready for an intense game!


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