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    Billy Mitchell loses it all


    It happened again! Another high score has been taken down due to cheating and once again it was a long time coming. The one stripped of his title this time is the famous Billy Mitchell. After battling for decades to reclaim his spot at the top each time his previous score was surpassed for the high score on the arcade game Donkey Kong.

    Billy set his last high score record back in 2010 this being the last time he’d hold the first place title. It was beaten once more February 2, 2018, by Robbie Lakeman. On that same day, Donkey Kong Forum removed three of Mitchells scores due to hi not playing the real game but on an arcade emulator is known as MAME. He has fought a battle that it is not true a lot the past few months. Mitchell has stated that he will accept that the footage showing him playing on MAME is shown but Mitchell continuously says that it is an altered tape.

    The response to this accusation from Young who showed the tapes was it would be absurdly difficult for him to alter it. In the following weeks, Twin Galaxies who is the video game world record documenters removed his scores for Donkey Kong along with his records for Pac-Man along and first recorded perfect game. Guinness World Records in response to all of this also disqualified Billy Mitchell from the record books due to Twin Galaxies being the original source for the score.

    This is one of many other record holders who is being called out for faking it in recent times. This is most likely just the beginning of it all as well.

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