Cavaliers In Six

Cavaliers In Six

Adrianna Smiddle

The Cavaliers have had a very rough season this year Most people were sure they would not have even made it into the playoffs, but thanks to the world’s greatest player, LeBron James, they are currently up three games to two versus the Indiana Pacers.

It has been a very physical series, very rough, and very competitive. Both teams have been playing their hardest and bringing everything they have to the table. In the end, one team has to advance, and one team goes home for the season.

The Indiana Pacers have been showing tremendous potential, but not enough to beat Cleveland. The Cavaliers have arguably the best player in the world, which is Lebron. This man has been playing in the NBA for fifteen years now and was thought to be in his prime a very long time ago. Right now, he is playing the best he ever has.

He has proved so many people wrong in so many different areas.People like to say “LeBron cannot shoot free throws,” or “LeBron is not a clutch player,” and “LeBron is too old to play defense,” but these claims were just recently proved wrong.

Game five on Wednesday night was a very close game. The Cavs were up for a majority of the game and LeBron had made all fifteen of his freethrows! Then, out of nowhere, Indiana managed to tie the game with less than a minute left. Victor Oladipo went down the floor for a layup and out of nowhere, LeBron ran behind him and blocked the shot. There was three seconds left on the clock. Cavs ball. Jeff Green had passed the ball to James and he thought for a second and then shot the ball.

The ball dropped in for a buzzer beating, game winning three-point shot. The crowd went crazy and they all celebrated right after.

In conclusion, LeBron is going to lead the Cavaliers out of the first series. Don’t get me wrong, he has had some help along the way, but the last game he had almost half of the Cavaliers total points. Lastly, Go Cavs!