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    Suha Abousamieh

    Suha Abousamieh

    This week’s person of the week is Suha Abousamieh. Suha is a senior at Lakewood High School and takes many AP classes here. She loves to spend time with her friends when she isn’t busy with school work. I got the chance to talk to her and what she is most excited for with only one month left of senior year.

    Q: What are some positives about LHS?

    A: “Some positives aspects about Lakewood High School are the many opportunities we have such as taking ccp and ap classes as well as playing a variety of instruments. Our school is also very diverse from the students to the many clubs LHS offers, it provides a sense of belonging and acceptance.”

    Q: What is your greatest strength in school?

    A: “My greatest strength in school would be my work ethic, I feel that I am great at getting my work done while also managing the workload of many difficult classes. I also feel that I am great at working and getting along with others.”

    Q: What is your greatest weakness in school?

    A: “My greatest weakness in school is procrastination. Putting things off is usually tempting and a hard habit to fix at times.”

    Q: What advice would offer to future seniors?

    A: “Advice that I would offer future seniors would be to not take your senior year lightly. It gets stressful when it comes to deciding what college or university you’ll go to while also having to deal with high school work at the same time. Have a set goal and really try to keep up with what your hopes for the future are but also remember to have some fun along the way.”

    Q: If you could change anything about your time here at LHS, what would you change?

    A:”If I could change anything about my time at LHS I would have tried to get to know more people sooner. Although I’ve made many new friends my senior year, we will all be heading to college soon and I wish I had more time to hangout with and get to know the wonderful people I got to meet at LHS.”

    Q: Plans after graduation?

    A: “I plan to attend Baldwin Wallace University after graduating. I will be majoring in biology on a pre-medicine track.”


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