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    Why being anti EU is a positive thing for European countries


    The EU is has constantly been a menace to the greater good, headed by France and German, the European people are suffering. There are multiple problems that are stemming from constant rule from unelected officials in the European Union. In this article I will define two major problems with the EU.

    1:The EU itself is not a democracy.

    The EU is a governing power in Europe with appointed officials, not elected. That means the people of Europe do not have a choice with the people who rule over them with an iron tight blue and gold fist. These unelected officials are generally liberal, and appointed to further things that have been failing Europe for the last few decades.

    2: Unmonitored immigration from countries with nothing in common with the European way of life.

    If the poverty of Greece, overly politically correctness wasn’t enough, try adding in terror attacks, rise in crime levels, and rape into the mix. In 2015 Angela Merkel blindly opened her doors to the third world, with no limit. This got Europe stormed with undocumented people who refuse to assimilate into the ways of lives in Europe.

    When the Mayor of London says terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city, there is probably a problem with the their politics. But if you don’t think this is enough, a local European Immigrant told me that “Home doesn’t feel like Home, these people do not care about the host country, and bring their own ways of life with them.” This is sadly what is happening with Europe. There has been a mass exodus from Germany, mainly to more right leaning countries like Hungary.

    So why is being anti EU a good thing you may ask, mainly it would restore the sovereignty back to countries that are smaller and less wealthy than Germany. Even as someone who loves Germany, and is Ethnically German, Germany has no right telling people how to run their country, and who to let in.

    Fortunately, Nationalism is taking Eastern Europe by storm. Eastern Europe is protecting its borders, heritage, and way of life. It’s also sneaking in from the south of Europe in Austria. Soon Europe will wake up and see what unmonitored immigration and a lack of pride in one’s country will do. Europe has come back from worse, so only time will tell.

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