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    Loss of Motivation


    Senior year is filled with exciting events: the last time in the student section at sporting events, the last homecoming, prom, senior skip day, physics day at Cedar Point, and what it all leads up to: graduation.

    But, with all of these fun events comes the lasts that are less exciting: the last AP Tests, the last AIR Tests, the last finals, last-minute projects, and paying a boat load of money for everything.

    As the year progresses, seniors become less and less motivated to continue on. Thoughts of college and summer and life outside of high school fill our heads, making no room for any information needed to take any tests or complete any projects.

    As we become seniors, we all think that it will not happen to us, we will not be affected by this “fake” disease, senioritis. But, we soon realize that senioritis is real and it is bound to affect every senior.

    Especially after prom, every senior is ready to graduate and has no motivation to finish out the school year strong. This is why prom should be the last weekend of the school year or at least closer to graduation. Doing this would give seniors something to look forward to to keep them motivated.

    By postponing this fun event, seniors will dread taking all of these tests less because they will have the mindset that by getting through the hard things, they have the reward of a fun event to finish off the school year.

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