Chloe Soneson


Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient with a incurable and/or painful disease.  It is a nurse-assisted suicide.  This is illegal in most countries, and most states in the United States.

The advantage of euthanasia is that it is beneficial to the patient them self.   Who wants to miserably live knowing they will only be alive for a few more months?  Every patient has their own right to what they want.

Disadvantages of euthanasia include being against the oath of physicians.  Any and all healthcare workers have a goal of keeping people alive and giving it all they can to help someone become better.  Another disadvantage is that it can encourage people to do the same things.  For example, if euthanasia were to become legal everywhere, people would be used to hearing about the practice and think it is an easier way to die.

I believe that euthanasia should be legal.  There is obviously a process that every patient has to go through, including paperwork, counseling, therapy, and more.  I think that if someone is living a miserable life, then they should have the rights to their own choice if they should live or not.  No one wants to suffer.  This is a painless way to end suffering and to give dignity to a dying person.

When talking about the oath of physicians, I can understand where other people are coming from, but I still don’t agree.  Healthcare workers are there to provide all of the care they can give.  When they know something is not curable, then there is nothing else they can do.  Yes, there are researches and scientists still finding cures to many different things today, but after counseling and verifying many times that a patient wants to end their life then they should be able to.