Max Boland

Get droolin’, vegans!

It’s time for Cleveland VegFest. This weekend, May 5th, at the Huntington Convention Center, an entirely vegan festival will be held. Featuring vegan doctors, athletes and other enlightening speakers, yummy food will be served while expert testimony is given on the health of veganism. If you’re a devout vegan, or just interested in learning more about a plant-based lifestyle, VegFest is for you!

The festival begins at 11 am and goes until 7 pm that night. A $5 donation is recommended at the door, but there is no mandatory fee to enter. The food is always surprisingly inexpensive and delicious, while other attractions such as sustainable irrigation stations and hemp clothing stands delight. Although overwhelming, the energy is always that of the best vibration and is an experience we as healthy eaters only get once a year. Delicious vegan cuisine from all over the globe (and right here at home) is featured in the convention center. The restaurant Cleveland Vegan has great options, but this festival features so much more from around the world (give them a shot though if you’re interested in veganism!).

This VegFest was created under the idea that sustainable food and education should be available to all. The other side of the coin is charitable and opposes animal exploitation/testing. If you’re interested in volunteering, representing your business at the festival or just simply doing some research about VegFest, there are links below that will take you to their main website. Happy grazing!