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    Body found inside wall of women’s restroom in Canada


    At around 9:30 am on Monday morning, a maintenance worker at a shopping center in downtown Calgary, was called to fix a toilet that would not flush on the fourth floor. When he took the automatic flush panel off, he discovered the dead body of a man. Upon finding the man, the Calgary police department was called to remove the body.

    The cause of death has not been released, but despite where the body was found, police do not believe there was any foul play involved. They truly believe it was an accident rather than premeditated. The body of the man is yet to be identified, although he was believed to be in his mid twenties.

    Police believe that he entered the washroom alone the previous friday, and then crawled up onto a “pony wall” right behind the toilets and removed a vent cover on top of that wall. Based on this evidence, they think he may have tried to climb through the vent above the restroom to reach utilities behind the pony wall, but he fell and later died after getting stuck.

    The washroom was closed until after 3 p.m that day, so the police could investigate the situation at hand, and so the fire department could properly remove the body. The public was asked to stand back until the body was safely removed in a body bag. A medical examiner also attended the investigation, and later performed an autopsy on the body.

    The police are not releasing anymore information on the case due to it being ruled accidental.



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