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    Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence

    In today’s society, some would say that domestic abuse or violence has become a norm.

    Also, it’s not just women who undergo this abuse. On average, more than 12 million men and women experience some form of abuse during the course of a year.

    We are going to focus more on teen and children and their statistics.

    For instance, a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. However, I believe if you are abusing your child, you are being selfish in not giving them up to let them have a better life.

    Statistics say that a yearly 6.6 children are said to have had abuse but only 3.2 million are actually investigated.

    So do we not have the resources? Why are these poor children still in these sick situations? What is going on in our society?

    Everyday, about five children are so neglected that they pass away due to the abuse.

    If these children are lucky enough to get older, they are also subject to more mental health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide.

    As many as two out of three people who attend drug or alcohol therapy have reported that they are victims of abuse. These children are also nine times more likely to get involved in some sort of criminal activity.

    So lets learn to identify abuse and stop it in its tracks before something horrible happens to that child or person.

    We as a society are partially responsible for saving these children’s lives. If you see something unusual, say something.

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