Golden State Killer Caught After Decades

Golden State Killer Caught After Decades

Sam Stone

Wrongful sentencing. Forty years past. A suspect finally in custody.


The golden state killer is possibly one of the most enraging unsolved murder cases next to the torso murders that occurred in Cleveland. From 1976 to 1986 the Golden State Killer took 12 lives, raped 50 individuals, and committed a 100 robberies.


But after decades there is finally a suspect in custody. Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, war arrested May 1st. He has been so far charged with four of the murders and has yet to face the dozens of other charges of crimes committed in the 70s and 80s.


DeAngelo was taken in on DNA evidence. The DNA evidence was collected via a genealogy test DeAngelo’s relatives took. It was raised against two pieces of genetic evidence discarded during the spree. A Sacremento Judge has also allowed for more of DeAngelo’s DNA to be collected for investigation. There are raised concerns at this being accessed, as the companies conducting collection and testing are private.


Neighbors described DeAngelo as “paranoid” (examples being him accusing neighborhood children of spying on him) and “angry” (having recorded instances of having very public screaming matches with his wife on the threshold of their house and threatening to kill a neighbors dog).

DeAngelo was described as surprised when he was arrested earlier this week. He has yet to speak during court, those his defense has decided to appeal the warrant for collection of fingerprints and body pictures.

The wrongful conviction? Craig Coley has just gotten out after 39 years. He served this sentence for the murder of Rhonda Wicht and her son Donald. he was pardoned after new DNA evidence didn’t place him at the place of the crime. This murder authorities now question if it is part of the Golden State Killer’s spree.