Mila Kneeland

Mila Kneeland

Maya Costanzo

This week’s person of the week is Mila Kneeland! Mila is a sophomore this year at Lakewood High School. Her favorite thing to do is play soccer and this year she was a regular starter for Lakewood’s Junior Varsity team. Mila hopes to continue to play soccer throughout the rest of high school and it is her goal to attain a varsity letter.

During the season, she was a major contribute to her team, as she scored multiple goals and had many assists. Mila’s favorite position is center mid but she also really enjoys playing forward.

Here are a few questions I was able to ask Mila about her high school experiences.

What are you most excited about next year?

“I am excited most for team bonding and all of the fun that takes place during summer training. I also cannot wait to play Saint Joes so hopefully we can get revenge after losing to them by one goal this year.”

What are your plans after you graduate high school?

“I plan to go to college after high school. I am interested into going to Ohio University and my older sister goes there right now. I also really like the campus and they have a lot of fun things to do”

What is your advice to incoming freshmen?

“My advice to freshmen is to become involved within the school! My favorite part of high school is the soccer team and I highly recommend to everyone to join a team or a club they are interested in.”