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    Cleveland Cavaliers Reach Out To Devastated Mentor Students


    Five-hundred eight grade students in Mentor, Ohio, were all ready to take a school trip to Washington when their plans took a turn.

    Five-hundred students were excited, packed, and ready to head off to Washington when they found out that the trip was canceled.

    The parents were notified the night before that the trip had been canceled because the buses that they had booked had to cancel on them.

    The kids were devastated and the parents were hoping for a refund. Each student had to pay $455 to go and have fun on a trip that some kids may never be able to go on again.

    Once the Cleveland Cavaliers got news about what had happened, they invited all of them to their Game Two watch party on Thursday. They had them all transported to Quicken Loans Arena to watch the game for free!

    The kids got free food, t-shirts, rally towels, and other little goodies. The kids all had a blast. Yeah, it is not the same as DC but it was a very caring act. Some kids have never even been down to The Q and they all had a blast.

    The kids got to go down onto the court where they had inflatable things set up. They also had games and basketball related things that they could do on the official Cavaliers court. It may not have been a regular game and LeBron James may not have been there and it sure wasn’t Washington, DC, but it was still a trip of a lifetime for some.


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