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    I applied for Lakewood Marc’s in November, 2017 and was later hired November 20th, 2017. It was my first job, so I didn’t know what to expect. I also didn’t have high exceptions , since I was just going to be just a cashier. Luckily I no longer work there.

    People always say how bad and gross Lakewood Marc’s is. Marc’s is a place to get stuff you want for a low price. The Store had expanded over the years, but it’s still one of the small Marc’s. The tiles in Marc’s look like they have a stain of yellow that they can never get out, and the ceilings don’t look so great either.

    When you first walk in you see the produce and what they call, “close outs”. Which is products that are sometimes from other stores and stuff you wouldn’t expect from a grocery store, like toys, kitchen supplies, etc. After that the isles are numbered and have a signs hanging above them, describing whats in the isles. But costumers like having their hand-held while they shop and act clueless, as if there wasn’t signs to help them.

    Costumers aren’t the only problem at that place, the workers are bad too. Some don’t care about their work and goof off, making it other people’s jobs harder. They also are bad at listening. For example, after the store closes, the cashiers have to do what they call, “conditioning” where everything is pulled forward, making it look nice.  Every cashier has to do it, but of course not every cashier does. Since we pull products you would think all the old product would be pulled forwards, well…you would be wrong. So as the food expires, no one really checks if they have expired food till a costumer complains.

    The list of problems could go on for pages, but people barely shop there, so why go on. Just know to always check the expiration date and mostly only go there for emergency.

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