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    Shuruq Abuzahriyeh


    Shuruq Abuzahriyeh is a senior at Lakewood High School. She has a lot on her plate with all the classes she takes at the high school as well as holding a job outside of school. The end of her senior year is approaching and I got the chance to take her out of her busy schedule and ask her some questions.

    Q: What goals do you have for your future?

    A: “My plans are to start at Tri-C to do my core classes and transfer over to Cleveland State to major in finance and maybe minor in marketing or human resources. I plan to get a bachelor’s degree and hopefully a master’s degree.”

    Q: What is your greatest strength?

    A: “My greatest strength is getting good grades and being a hard worker while staying focused.”

    Q: What is your greatest weakness?

    A: “My greatest weakness is tests because I try to study a ton for them but sometimes I don’t remember something such as certain details for extended response questions.”

    Q: What advice would you give to future seniors?

    A: “The advice I would give to future seniors would be to study hard, do your work. It’s your last year so you should make the most of it and graduate with grades that can impress the colleges you want to attend.”

    Q: What has been the highlight of your senior year?

    A: “The highlight of my senior year is being around all my friends and taking on the challenge of AP and CCP classes.”


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