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    Mac McFarlin

    Mac McFarlin

    Robert, more commonly known as Mac, McFarlin is a senior at Lakewood High School. He has been a Lakewood High student all four years of high school. His past four years he has played hockey for the varsity team at Lakewood. He has also done the West Shore construction trades program for his junior and senior years.

    Q: What has been your favorite thing about high school?

    A: “My favorite thing about high school would be getting to play hockey for the varsity team and being a part of construction trades class.”

    Q: What are your plans for after high school?

    A: “Next year I plan to attend Cuyahoga Community College to do fire school. I want to be a fireman someday.”

    Q: How long have you been playing hockey?

    A: “I have been playing hockey for 14 years, along with playing for the school team I have also played for a tournament team, the Cleveland Sharks, for 6 years.”

    Q: What has been your favorite high school class and who is your favorite high school teacher?

    A: “My favorite class would be construction. I like that it’s a hands on class and is a different setting than a regular school, I’ve learned a lot of useful things here. My favorite teacher would have to be the teacher of construction, Coach Dow. He is a great guy and a great teacher.”

    Q: What is your best memory from the past four years?

    A: “My best memory from the past four years would be my hockey senior night. In that game we won 2-0, to win our division for the first time in a long time. I scored both goals unassisted and there wasn’t an empty spot in the stands. I will never forget that game.”


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