Person of the Week- Averie Lester

Person of the Week- Averie Lester

Courtney Ribar

Averie Lester is a senior at Lakewood High School. Averie is active in choirs here. Lester enjoys listening to all types of music but mainly rap/hip hop. Averie’s favorite Netflix binge is The Fosters and her favorite thing to do in her free time is hang out with her friends. I got the chance to catch up with the Lakewood senior and find our more about her.

 Q:What is your favorite class at LHS and why?

A: “Diversity in Literature because it allows students the opportunity to learn about different cultures that we don’t learn about in regular English.”

Q: What was your favorite year of high school and why?

A: “Senior year, even though it was stressful and very busy, it marks the end of high school and the start of the rest of my life.”

Q: What is your favorite thing to do at Lakewood High?

A: “Spend time with friends, and learn of course.”

Q: What is your favorite high school memory so far?

A: “Getting to travel to Costa Rica and Nicaragua with the travel club.”

Q: What advice would you give underclassmen?

A: “Start common app essays during your summer before senior year so you’re not doing it last minute during the busiest year of high school.”

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: “I will be attending the University of Cincinnati in the fall studying PTSD psychology while partaking in ROTC.”

Q: Are you excited about next year?

A: “Yes very much I’m excited for the new beginning and a change of scenery.”

Q: If you could do high school over again what would you change, if anything?

A: “I would have studied more freshman year and worked harder in my classes.”