Caitlin Cimino

Caitlin Cimino

Caitlin Cimino

Many people claim that senior year is easy, but it was probably my busiest year of High School. The year starts with college applications–a stressful and time-consuming process. Even more stressful is the anticipation of an acceptance or rejection letter. After you hear back from your colleges, however, you aren’t free from responsibility.

Next comes the long and complex process of scholarship applications. Making resumes, filling out forms, and requesting transcripts is only the beginning. If you are selected, you then have to prepare for an interview and again wait for your rejection or award letter.

Senior year is also filled with some of the best memories of High School. Once you realize it is your last year to stand and cheer in the student section, you start to appreciate every moment.

Some of my favorite memories from senior year are painting for football games, going to the zoo for senior skip day, and prom.

Some advice for the underclassmen is to participate in as many school activities as you can. This includes joining sports teams and clubs, as well as going to support other teams and club events.

I recommend for all juniors to get organized in the very beginning of senior year. The best way to handle all of the responsibilities of senior year is to get them over with as quickly as possible.

I plan on going to The Ohio State University to major in exercise science and minor in business. I also plan on joining different intramural and club sports. I am most excited for OSU football games and meeting new people.