Anti-Semitism in Berlin?!

Anti-Semitism in Berlin?!

Jack Ryan

The word anti-semitism is widely know but even more known in Germany. Kids in the Fatherland are required to learn about the holocaust. So why is there a surge in jewish hatred, it has to do with the high amount of Syrian refugees. If you recall Syria was one of the countries that went to war with Israel in 1948, 1967, and 1973. Along with Jordan, Egypt, Iraq.

So with a high amount of people who don’t like the other in a city it creates unease. Most jews experience getting spit on, racial slurs, and threats all done in arabic. Around 98% of the German population would never think of being anti-semitic. To experiment an Israeli Arab man wore a kippah (the little hat) in public. He was verbally abused and one Syrian teen lashed him with a belt.

In the late 80s early 90s Germany let in thousands of jews from the former USSR. As of now there are over 100,000 jews in Germany. Jews in Germany are doing very well there are eight synagogs, some jewish schools, and a new community center. There are 5 million muslims in Germany ever since the border opened in 2015. This a problem because Germany finds it hard to accept itself as a migrant country.

With the sudden rise in anti-semitism the german government is in disarray, and appointed a new person to deal with the problem. The local government is trying to find a way to deal with the Arabian racism but also the right-wing racism. The situation isn’t big given their fascist past but the german government is looking for a solution fast.