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    Everyone’s Favorite Mercenary Has Finally Returned


    Marvel’s latest film Deadpool 2 will be coming to U.S. theaters this Friday, May 18. With a few returning cast members like Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool), TJ Miller (Weasel) and Morena Baccarin (Vanessa), fans are once again eager for Marvel’s thrilling and comedic mercenary to return .Critics who have already seen the film are applauding Marvel’s ability to produce a sequel that was not a complete failure. As anyone who is a movie fanatic would understand that it’s rare for sequels to be as successful as the original film.

    And fans are just as excited about the villain as they are the hero. Cable (a.k.a. Nathan Summers, played by Josh Brolin) is one of Deadpool’s most infamous bad guys according to the comics. The premise of this film is that Deadpool and a team of fellow mutants must protect a mutant boy from Cable (who is a cyborg from the future).

    Deadpool 2 isn’t actor Josh Brolin’s first Marvel rodeo. You may recognize his acting (or at least his voice) as the notorious and (as of now) most hated villain in the Marvel Universe, Thanos. With Avengers: Infinity War having been released only one month ago, it’s safe to assume that Brolin has a pretty busy schedule.

    Haven’t seen the first film? It’s no problem. According to Vulture, it is completely fine and unnecessary to have seen the first Deadpool. Mainly the first film was all about Wade Wilson’s story into becoming Deadpool, while introducing several minor yet returning characters along the way.

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