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    Deadpool 2


    Deadpool’s main actor Ryan Reynolds returns for a sequel from the highly rated superhero film. Back in 2016 when the original movie first came out it was a breath of fresh air from all other superhero movies out there.

    Deadpool was unlike most other superheros. It’s creators knew that audience’s were tired of the same, old, cliché, superhero movies–so they decided to switch it up a bit.

    The first and second Deadpool movies are both rated-R (whereas other DC and Marvel movies are rated PG-13). The film consists of sarcastic remarks and hilarious jokes from the main character throughout.

    The original Deadpool brought in more than $780 million worldwide, while costing just a fraction of the price tag on an average DC or Marvel superhero movie.

    The creators had to make sure to keep the authenticity of the original while still adding a new, fresh twist to keep the film from being just like all the others.

    The beginning starts off with an unexpected direction: Deadpool (also known as Wade Wilson) is doubting himself and the whole point of this superhero business. But, then characters Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) bring him into the X-Men trainee and help him turn his thinking back around. However, Deadpool’s arrogant boldness brings him into big trouble, yet again, but you have to watch to find out how or if he solves his dilemma.

    Deadpool 2 comes out in theatres May 18 and is sure to be action packed and filled with sarcasm.

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