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    How to Stay Sane During Finals

    How to Stay Sane During Finals

    As any high school graduate knows, finals week is hell. Every single teacher puts their last minute work on you all at once, in hopes that you put your work ethic into gear for the second and last time this year. Stress is the mood of this week, but organization is the name of the game.

    1. Make a list.

    The only fool-proof way to prepare smart with minimal work for all of your finals is to make a list. The finals schedule will help you decide what subjects you need to brush up on and when–just make sure you know what your final is about.

    2. Take snack breaks.

    Your body will not put in the energy for mental work if you don’t give it the tools to work physically. Our bodies and minds are far more connected than you think, and healthy snacks as well as avoiding caffeine, will help you soak up as much info as possible.

    3. Don’t study right before bed.

    All nighters are probably the worst thing for your body (and I love them), especially before a final. If studying takes place at least an hour before your bedtime rituals, it’ll stay in your brain and be useful to you. However, if you cram right before bed, the information does not retain as well–you’ll be both dumb and tired.

    4. Trust your brain.

    All year you’ve been working hard to learn the material you’ll be tested on. This is just another mandatory test that you can succeed at by studying, trusting your brain’s capabilities and taking good care of your body. Your brain is ready for this.

    Finals week can be calm and productive if you let it be. By following these steps and taking time to relax in your own way, you can kick ass at finals and go into summer with a clear head. Happy test taking!

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