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    Lucky’s Market Opens in Cleveland


    Lucky’s Market, a new grocery store on Clifton just where Lakewood meets Cleveland, enjoyed its grand opening on May 16. The store sells fresh produce, bulk foods, medicines, beauty supplies, packaged goods, local specialties, fresh meats and more.

    According to a newspaper feature by Lucky’s, Trish an Bo Sharon, a couple of chefs who sought to create a place where people like them could find the “good, wholesome food” they needed all in one place. Thus, they opened a Lucky’s Market in 2003 as well as its complementary brand.

    Walking into the new shop in Cleveland, visitors are welcomed with shiny red signs and aisles full of organic and brand-name products such as energy drinks, snack foods and staple groceries. A large portion of the store also provides fruits and veggies such as low-priced pineapple, watermelon, lettuce and carrots.

    Lucky’s provides a number of popular and natural products, including energy drinks and plenty of workout fuel.

    While this might make Lucky’s seem like your typical natural grocer, the other aspects of the store prove that it is anything but. For instance, Lucky’s has both a salad and an antipasto bar, as well as a bakery, cafe, deli and seafood counter, sushi and ramen station, and a kitchen.

    An olive and antipasto bar is jut one thing that sets Lucky apart from regular grocery stores.

    The bakery at Lucky’s market is stuffed to the brim with breads, bagels, cookies, cakes, and pies that taste as though they are straight from Amish Country! It- as well as the rest of the store- also provides shoppers with plenty of tasty samples to quell their appetites until they can get home and devour an entire peach pie.

    The bakery has plenty of fresh products to choose from, including pie!

    Just steps away from these delicious baked goods is a gleaming, bright kitchen. Here, chefs create pizzas and sandwiches, as well as cooked vegetables and items such as macaroni and cheese. Any of these delicious selections can be eaten at the store at the provided chairs and tables or taken home and shared with the family.

    Fresh pizza seems to be a popular dish at Lucky’s!

    Apart from these great aspects of the store, the grocery store also offers a great assortment of bulk foods, comparable to those that would be found in Amish Country.

    Lucky’s has the typical bulk candy, nuts, and grains, and even a little “DIY trail mix” station, perfect for a hike or just for a snack. Additionally, however, they provide bulk honey, oils, coffee, and even peanut butter- which you can churn yourself!

    The store offers a huge array of bulk foods, perfect for those who need things in large quantities for a low price.

    Given all of these incredible features, Lucky’s Market seems as though it will be a great asset to the Lakewood and Cleveland community. From grabbing a sandwich on the way to the beach to picking up natural medicines to relieve pain to trying new health foods, the store has something for every occasion and can cater to every need.

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