Many Americans struggling to pay their Basic Needs

Many Americans struggling to pay their Basic Needs

Chloe Soneson

Americans are struggling to pay for rent, food, insurance, ect. With the unemployment rate dropping to 3.9% lowest it has been since 2000. Currently 43% of American families can’t afford their basic needs, according to a study released by the United ALICE Project.

About 5 million Americans have been working part-time for a long time and hoping to go full-time. Part time jobs especially with minimum wage is very hard for families to be able to raise their children the best they possibly can.

About 16.1 million households are living in poverty, as well as 34.7 million families that the United Way ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). This group makes of people are living at rock bottom trying got survive with the minimal support hey have.

People in California, New Mexico and Hawaii are at the top percentile for families struggling at about 49%. Many of these people are working at child care centers, in a grocery store, very low paying job.

In the United States of America 66% of jobs pay less than 20 dollars an hour. Sure not every career had the same education or skills but living off of 8 dollars per hour may be very hard especially for families with younger children.