House of Horrors Pt. 2

House of Horrors Pt. 2

Jordhan Kieres

Once again our nation is witnessing another House of Horrors. The last time we saw a case like this was in mid-January when police discovered 13 children of David and Louise Turpin had been living in a true house of horrors being abused, starved, neglected, and tortured by their own parents.  The children all varied in ages of 2-29 but it only seemed like the youngest child was the one who was semi spared. The parents of course were arrested and put on trial for all the harm and misery they have caused by their children.

In this case this family is from California and has ten children, all vary in ages between two and twelve. The investigation has revealed a long continuous history of severe physical and emotional abuse of the ten children.  They came out of the house with puncture wounds, burns, and bruises. As well as consistent injuries relating to being shot with a pellet gun.

When the police searched the house the found spoiled food on the floor, as well as feces everywhere from humans and animals; this made some parts of the house impassable. These conditions are not up to code for living so the children were immediately evacuated and taken into protective custody.

The mother Ina Rogers was arrested for child neglect and the father is facing seven counts of felony torture and nine counts of felony child abuse. The father pled not guilty on all a counts and his bail was set for $5.2 million dollars. The mother had been released after posting ten thousand dollars on bail. Ina Rogers claims that she will stick by her husband through this.