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    Friday May 25, 2018

    To ALL students, when you are finished with your textbooks, be sure to return the books to the Old Bookroom on the 3rdfloor at the top of the stairs in the B building no later than May 31st…repeat, return them to the Old Bookroom.  Also make sure that everything is out of your lockers by the last day of school.  Otherwise, you will be charged for any textbook not returned to the bookroom by May 31st.  Do not leave any books outside of either Bookrooms or in your lockers, any books left outside of the Bookrooms or in your lockers WILL be added to your fees.


    Tomorrow is H2O’s trip to Lakewood Park Cemetery to help veterans mark the graves of fallen heroes, with an American flag for Memorial Day. Transportation from LHS and lunch are provided.  Sign up and take a permission form from the bulletin board outside the H2O office, E102, in the cafeteria.

    Summer service opportunities are filling up. Details and signup sheets are on the bulletin board outside the H2O office.


    The Chromebook buyout is today during all lunch periods.  Be sure to have your signed form with $1.00, your charged Chromebook and bring to the Bookroom.  Remember to bring the signed form, available in the Bookroom. If you are not planning to purchase your Chromebook, please bring them to the Bookroom once you are finished with finals.  So to reiterate, before you leave for summer vacation, if you do not plan to buy your Chromebook for $1.00, you must return it to the New Bookroom by the cafeteria, no later than next Thursday, May 31stat 12:00 PM…Otherwise, the cost of the Chromebook, $200.00, will be added to your fees.


    Today’s ala cartes in the cafeteria are:

    Friday Fries $1.00

    Deep Dish Turkey Pepperoni Pizza $2.50

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