Madden Tournament Shooting

Madden Tournament Shooting

Ali Alhamdani

On Sunday August 26 2018 in Jacksonville Florida at the 2018 Madden tournament, Something really bad happened.  All over the world people saw what really happened   during the online streams. Two people died and eleven got injured from the shooting.

David Katz was the shooter. He was a 24 year-old from Baltimore Maryland. The night before the shooting Katz stayed at a hotel in North Florida. He won the 2017 Madden tournament and won $3,500. Last year he was the number seven all time Madden player and won against the number one player. After that victory, he was the number one last year.

Katz lost in the 2018 Madden tournament and he was really upset. Joe Rice said, “ Yeah he was being really weird and quiet.”The shooting was in the stream twitch TV. The twitch streamer Joe Rice was streaming during the shooting. Joe Rice was actually targeted in his stream video when the shooting happened.

In this stream there was a red laser on Joe`s chest and, after seconds, gun shots went off. Rice did not die in the shooting, but he was seriously injured.

Katz killed two people in the shooting — twenty-two year old Elijah Clayton and twenty-eight year old Tyler Robinson, both professional Madden players. Katz also injured eleven people. After the police arrived, it was too late. David shot himself with a handgun that he shot in the tournament that day.

After this happened ,EA (Electronic Arts) canceled the rest of the tournament for safety. This shows that security needs to be more strict all over the world because these things could happen anywhere.

After that Sunday, EA (Electronic Arts) donated one million dollars to all the victims in the Madden tournament.