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    Hidden effects of juuls


    Cigarettes have been around for over a thousand years but it is not until the last half century that humans have realized their life threatening effects. It is well known that they can cause cancer and break down your mouth, throat, and lungs. Although we have made numerous restrictions on the consumption and sale of cigarettes, they have still been able to hold a firm grip on millions of lives. For that reason a device was invented and released to the market in July of 2017.

    This contraption (the juul) is part of the new electronic cigarette trend that has swept the streets within the last 5 years and has been able to lesson or completely stop the urge to smoke traditional cigarettes in users. Unfortunately this new technology has impacted more than just tobacco users but also teens.

    The new fad has made its way through schools, posed as a fun habit but dramatically transformed into an addiction for most. One cigarette contains about 8.4 milligrams of nicotine while a Juul contains 59 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter. This in-fact causes the Juul’s to be intensely addictive. That indicates in time it will continue to cause countless youths to become dependent on nicotine and move on to cigarettes.

    As well known as Juuls are they have become difficult to spot. They mimic a USB flash drive and produce a minute amount of vapor. Their discrete appearance has made it surprisingly easy for teens to bring them into schools and use them through out the day. Their harmless appearance puts on a facade to the malleable minds of teenagers that they simply produce water vapor but unknown to most, they deliver an aerosol amount of chemicals and hinder the brain development of adolescents. They have also been recognized to cause wheezing, asthma attacks, and nicotine poisoning. Though it may seem insignificant the effects can grow exponentially and could grab hold to your life.

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