Lakewood High School new I.D punishment

Lakewood High School new I.D punishment

Joseph Toole

A new school year has started for the students of Lakewood High School and new rules have been set in place. As most students know, it is against school policy to wear your hood up in the hallway, wear headphones in the hallway, and have a cellphone out in the hallway or in class unless directed by a staff member.

Students must always have their I.D. card visible at all times and on their person.

These rules are nothing new to returning students, but the disciplinary actions that are enforced for the negligence and failure to follow them are, in my opinion, a bit harsh. On a number of occasions students were denied access to the building for a short period of time if they did not have their I.D. card available, thus forcing them to be late and worsening their punishment.

If the student has recurring problems, the punishment becomes more severe whether it be because the child is late to school multiple times or because that child is continuously caught using his or her phone in the hallways or classroom. The best way to avoid these problems is to listen to all teachers and principals even if you do not have them, they have the ability discipline or dismiss you.

If students have lost their I.D. card, they are able to purchase a new one in the bookroom for five dollars (the money will be put on their school fees). An easy way to avoid problems such as that is to keep the I.D. on a lanyard and once the student is dismissed from school they can store it overnight in their locker given to them by the school or in their backpack.

Overall, If the student follows directions and treats his peers and those with authority with respect they will have a great school year and will learn life skills and responsibility.